Thursday, 25 April 2013

4th P of marketing - Promotion

Hi Class,

This is the link to the Promotion slides. Please find your task in the slides as well.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

3rd P of Marketing - Place

Account and justify your Place strategy - WHY did you choose your PLACE?

  1. Market Segmentation
  2. Visibility and Convenience
  3. Herding Effect
  4. Allocated area/location

Exclusive, Intensive, selective distribution?

Transport, Warehousing, order processing (B2B)?

2nd P of Marketing - Price

Account and justify your pricing strategy according to the 4 main factors of Pricing:  

  1. Customer (what do they want)
  2. Costs (fixed, variable, etc)
  3. Competition (same, higher or lower?)
  4. Corporate Objectives (profit making, non-profit?)
Pricing Techniques

ìCost-plus pricing: Profit = Price – Cost (Bottom-line)
ìGoing-rate pricing: “Follow the competitor”
ìMarket Skimming: “Start high”
ìMarket Penetration: “Start Low”
ìOdd and Even Pricing: Using Psychology