Monday, 28 January 2013

Company, Product, Tagline

Company Name: World Sense

Products: Internet cafe combining with a dessert or coffee shop, educational rooms, library, lan and jamming studios.

Tagline: Seeing things in a different way

How to build brand: Get a cafe spot. Employ a couple of pastries/dessert experts to open a cafe/dessert shop and hire people as the cashier. Get computers for lan. Get educational books for the library and educational computer games. Add discussion rooms and jamming studios. Buy musical instruments and get a WIFI network that is fast. Hire people to guard the lan payments and jamming studio payments. Finally advertise is to kids above 10 years old, teenagers and teachers.

Done By: Ibrahim, Ikmal, Berwyn, Ek Hern (Names In Order Of Contribution)

1 comment:

  1. good concept.. what is so different about your cafe to those which are already existing?

    also, please make sure that all members of the group are involved. EVERYONE has to make the effort.